[FTC]: Competition Footage

Does anyone know where I can get footage of some of the competitions and scrimmages that have gone on so far. I’ve checked youtube numerous times and only found small matches and to my knowledge I don’t think there’s a website like www.thebluealliance.net for FTC

I am in the process of putting all the matches i have in my possession up on youtube. There is over 105gb of video so i have alot of stuff to go through. This competition will be the Hillsborough High School FTC competition in Tampa Florida

So this week we had some competitions does anyone have video yet?

SC STATE will be posting videos i beilive

I’ve started posting some videos from last weekend’s Maryland FTC competition. I’ll update this post as I do more.

Team 2818 was captain of the winning alliance, and also won the Think Award.

Our Semi Final scores were: 139:10 and 179:15
Our Finals Scores were: 152:26 and 110:12

When I get our last match up, you’ll see that there was some HEAVY defense going on:)




Thanks to our alliance partner Team 7: Tech Brick
And thanks to CSMD for running a great FTC/FLL event.

Are you saying our robot (2843) needed to go on a diet? It only weighs 30lbs.

You might be interested to know that after that last match, one of our drive wheels fell off!

We tried to keep the score from being too lopsided, but our lift mechanism failed in that last match also.

All joking aside, you team has a great robot, good luck at Worlds!

Thanks so much for the competition video!

It looks like autonomous shooting is extremely difficult, harder than Aim High, since if you miss you spin the goal around a little. I’d imagine a “2 chute” routine would work better if you have the ball capacity. Ten point goal isn’t exactly trivial to score in with defense either though, and grabbing the 2x ball looks like a very pinnable position, and 5 seconds is a ton of time in the End Game. Being pressed against the wall helps with accuracy a lot (and I’m wondering how many teams will design a 10 point shooter that wedges itself between the wall and the goal shooter to make being pushed rather hard).

2818’s got a fantastic robot, and I expect several attempts at imitation by the year’s end.

Pinning is a penalty or disqualification for anything over 6 seconds. Auto mode scoring has been a problem for most of the robots i have seen. It all depends where the ball hits as it enters the spinning goal i know we made a consecutive 6 or so balls in at one time from preload but that wasn’t in auto it was in the first 10 seconds of telop.

Personally i would love to see a dual chute auto mode! Our robot has the capacity for it, but we are keeping auto mode simple for now.

6 seconds of 30 is 1/5th of the period. If they grab the Bonus Ball in the lsat 15, this can cost them the match. Or you can go over a second take the 5 point penalty, as it’s less points, though the risk of disqualification is what makes it “not worth it”. Still, taking 6 seconds from an opponent can decide it.

this is true depending on all sorts of factors, the opposing alliance in this match thought they had won, until our robot fired into the outer goal getting enough points to win the match. so the match is never truly won until the end ever second really counts.

Now I remember why I took the sound off my videos :slight_smile:

Some of us have to listen without sound anyways. :wink:

Thank you both for the footage. I will try to get this weekend’s qualifier competition up sometime on Sunday.

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Here’s our updated list of MD FTC match videos.




From today:
Here’s video of how our particular competition measured the distance and height – if you hit the top bar or if you hit the wall, you did not pass inspection.

This is probably the best video of a match that I have, though not our best performing match. We still have some things to tune and improve before VA State.

Today at Los Angeles, one alliance was doing very poorly. One team had a software malfunction and was dead for all of autonomous, and the other lost a wheel and could barely drive. So the other alliance, thinking about getting some ranking points, stopped scoring in their own goal and started scoring in the other goal…

…at which point the three-wheeled robot maneuvered itself close enough to the far goal to score. That alliance won the match, and the other alliance learned to respect the quote above.

You guys have built (are building?) what appears to be something pretty close to my “dream” design. I was going to CAD it… then I dropped my CAD class, so I thought I’d never see anything like it. :smiley:

Iron out the bugs and you guys look extremely competitive.

It doesn’t hold the 30 balls they wanted it to hold, but it’s all about tradeoffs at some point. They did CAD the robot, and that helped alot.

Which reminds me … Of interesting note was 93 (FRC 1086’s FTC team). I was extremely impressed with the creativity and sheer engineering genius in the simplicity and consistency of their design. To give you a hint: they almost beat us with a spectacular autonomous and shooter operated by 2 servos. That’s right … 2 servos. I have a small video of them, but I’ll wait to see if they post something first. 339 also had a unique, consistent autonomous and outer goal shooter.

Thank you for the compliment about the shooter we worked really hard on it. Please post the videos that you have because unfortunately the videos that we took became corrupt during the download. If you have any questions about the shooter or any other parts of our robot please ask we will be happy to help.

I have all the video from the Nov 14th competition at Hillsborough High School in Tampa Florida up on youtube. The link below is my youtube channel keep an eye on it because there will be more of last weekends competition in Daytona up soon.


Enjoy the videos

A special request: Does anyone have footage from the Illinois FTC Championship?