[FTC]: Competition Procedure

Hey Chief Delphi,

We are the Charging Champions, a six-member FTC team from SoCal. As a rookie team, we had some questions regarding competitions:

  • How does the referee measure the dimensions of the robot? Will the referee place the robot in a box or use a measuring tape? (If he uses a measuring tape, do wires that extend beyond the 18 inch limit count?)
  • Do we need space for a flag (alliance flags)?
  • Are we required to have our logo and team name/number on our robot?

All help is appreciated.

The Charging Champions

The inspector should have a sizing box that they slip over the top of the robot. We have used a tape measure though when someone forgot to bring the box to one of the league events.

Yes you must have a flag holder.

Yes you must put your team number on your robot, twice, on opposite sides of the robot. Logo, team name and sponsors are optional.

Please, please, please, do a self inspection of your robot using the official form you can find here. http://www3.usfirst.org/sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/Robotics_Programs/FTC/Team_Resources/Team_Robot_Self_Inspection_Checklist.pdf

So many of the things I need to have teams fix are very basic, like not having a flag holder, or team number which if you do your self pre-inspection would be found and make it highly likely that you will pass inspection on the first try.

So every one of your questions is clearly answered in the game manual which makes me worry a little that you haven’t read it…

Please take the time to completely read through the game manual parts 1&2 because if you’re unclear about these 3 things I bet there’s a bit more information to digest too.

Good luck preparing for your first event and have lots of fun!