[FTC]: Compile error

So i have my autonmous ironed out in robotC…or at least i think i do. My only issue is that when i compile my code the compiler tells me that i have a motor redefinition error at the end of my code. Anyone know what that means? How to fix it?

It means that in some part of the code, you are naming something again, means also that you have two motors named the same thing. Paste your code if this does not help.

I have attached a version of my autonomous code that shows the error upon compiling. I have absolutely no idea as to why I am having this issue

auto.c (9.28 KB)

auto.c (9.28 KB)

…I copy and pasted that code over and I got no error…

Try reinstalling RobotC, and making sure you have the updated Joystick driver.