FTC concept robot mechanisms using Andymark parts and Andymark custom waterjet

Just for fun we quickly put together a concept robot arm for FTC using only Andymark COTS items, standard hardware and waterjet components capable of being produced using the Andymark Custom Waterjet Service. Customer Waterjet by Andymark

The arm has a shoulder, a wrist and a basic claw designed to grip the game cubes.

We’re building one now and we’ll post our progress in the coming days.


Anthony, I see this and all I think is “needs more turret”


Turret is the new cowbell.

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Actually, it’s because the last time I saw Anthony involved in a 2 jointed arm with a plate 6wd was in 2005

I also may have broken that arm at IRI… in the only official match I’ve ever driven a robot in.

If people use the AM waterjet service I’ll gladly add a turret. :hugs:


Making progress…



Assembled. Probably won’t be able to test until later this weekend. Waterjet, tapping, reaming and COTS parts only.

4.6 lbs. as pictured.


image1 (1)



I’ve seen the Andymark WaterJet service advertised in the past. Seems like a great opportunity for teams that don’t have access to sheet processing through local sponsors or in house means.

That being said, I’ve also been curious as to what the rates are for such a service. Any chance we could hear what the quote is/would be on such an order?

At what point does a quote become an advertisement?

The service has a live quote tool…you can just upload a DXF of your proposed design and it’ll give you pricing directly. We regularly check pricing against similar services and do our best to stay competitive.


Well that works too! I hadn’t looked into it much and my assumption was that by clicking the “get estimate” button, you’d be sending your files to an actual sales rep or engineer at AndyMark. Didn’t want to bother an actual person with a quote I probably wouldn’t pursue. But knowing it’s an automated process makes that a little different!


It’s instantaneous. No humans involved. :slight_smile:


Good. Those pesky humans always get in the way.

Really awesome design, and I love the showing of plate designs and use of COTS components.

Are the base-arm gears slightly phased to prevent any backlash?

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There is a slot in the outer plate to allow adjustment of the lash.


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