[FTC]: Correct Samantha.hex File

I just noticed that there are two different Samantha.hex files available.
One is from the current FCS (…\Samantha Field Control System\Samantha) dated 9/9/2011.

Another is located in the latest LabVIEW folder (…\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\Targets\NI\NXT\NXTToolkit\Samantha) dated 11/21/2013.

Is there any difference? Should we be using the latest one. All the literature I’ve read the FCS version is the one to use.

Is there anything specific about the LabVIEW Version for LabVIEW robots?
Will a Samantha flashed with it cause problems with RobotC programs?

We are currently flashing all the Samanthas for our qualifiers with the FCS version of the file. I’m wondering if the later version has some improvements in it that are safe to use for robots programmed in any language.

Thank you,

I’ve always used the one in the Samantha Folder for setting up competition flashes. That is the correct one.