[FTC]: Cutting Chain

Hi Everyone,

We got some of the Tetrix chain recently, however we didn’t order a chain cutter. Does anyone have any experience cutting chain without a chain cutter?



I’ve never tried it but if you were careful, you could try to punch out the pin with a center punch and a hammer.

Or just get yourself a chain tool, they’re worth it. :slight_smile:


Sounds like he got it spot on. If you don’t have the tool you have to be VERY careful and well its kind of a pain in the butt to do it without a chain break. I would recommend something simple from your local hardware store if they have any you probably can find a bunch of chain breaks online if you search around.

We found that the Dark Soul Chain Break is the best on the market. I wish I could find something similar for #35’s.


You can also use a dremel to grind off the ends of the two posts. Just be sure to get the right pair, or you’ll make the chain shorter than you wanted.

If you have a press in your shop, along with a center punch that is your best bet. A bit safer than a hammer considering you use the amount of force you want rather than just hitting it. It really works just like a chain break if you do it right.

The Dark Soul breaker and re-assembly tool is bar none the best I’ve ever used.

That’s why we endorse and sell it. :yikes:

Dark Soul #25 Breaker/Re-assembler

I’ve used a bicycle chain breaker with a ground down pin before, rather difficult though.

+1. I prefer doing it this way over the standard chain-breaker tool.

If you did this wrong couldn’t you severely weaken the chain?

yep, not to mention all the metal shavings in the chain itself. My biggest worry would be bending the chain during the grinding process. Bent chain doesn’t work too well in my experience.