[FTC]: Detachment rule?

Hi. I just had a quick question about the detachment rule in the game manual. This particular rule (<G7>) states, " Robot deliberately detaches parts in scoring area. Robot disabled and team Disqualified for Match Multiple infractions may result in Disqualification for the entire competition." My main question is what is considered detachment. If our team had a small piece that was connected by just a wire or a string that we removed off the main structure of our robot during a match, is that still considered detachment? Or since there would be a small string/wire connecting the two pieces, would this be perfectly legal? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


As long as it stays connected by a string or wire, it is not detached. However, rule <Rg03>d. - risk of entanglement - may come into play. However, last year’s Inspire award winners, the Landroids, had peices that would be detached from the base of the robot and connected via string to the lift. There was certainly the risk of entanglement, but it was allowed. Because the string was short enough and vertical, it was difficult for another robot to run over the string and get entangled. If your design has the string on the ground, it is a potential problem. That said, ask the question in the forum for an official answer, but I suspect that it will be left up to the mechanical inspection team and refs to decide if there is a rules violation.

Personally when designing something that detatches for a purpose, I always make sure that it is safe from entanglement at all points. Make sure to to protect it from any damage if it become entagled as well.

  • Andrew