[FTC]: Divisions Lists are up!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Divisions list are now up, and also wanted to know your thoughts on them.
http://www.usfirst.org/sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/FIRST_Tech_Challenge/Division-List-Franklin.pdf Franklin!
http://www.usfirst.org/sites/default/files/uploadedFiles/FIRST_Tech_Challenge/Division-List-Edison.pdf Edison!
(we are on Franklin)

Really cool to see all of the international teams in both divisions. Mexico, India, China, Canada, Saudi Arabia…:smiley:

All of the Alamo Championship teams plus some fellow Texas teams (5 in total) are in Franklin:cool:
Three more Texas teams are in Edison. Really cool to see the state so well represented this season after the big growth explosion that occurred mostly post season last year.

128 teams in total!

Yeah I love that there are so many country’s being represented this year compared to last year, and a lot of the same teams we were with last year are on the same division as us this year.

International teams at championship is a great indicator of growth,
VEX’s interntational team numbers have steadily increased for years now, I think VEX has 95 international out of 397 teams this year.

From a quick glance at the FTC listings, I see 19 international teams out of 128 teams:

China : 3
Mexico: 2
Netherlands: 2
Canada: 2
Taiwan: 2
India : 2
Saudi Arabia: 1
Australia: 1
Romania: 1
Singapore: 1
Russia : 1
South Korea : 1

  1. Have any of these international teams competed at an FTC event before ?
  2. Any thoughts on why FTC stopped at 128 teams ?

Good to see 5 Texas teams at the event , FTC has had an explosive growth in Texas over the last few years!

I can speculate with some knowledge. FTC in Mexico has an event in Mexico City and I think that there have been new events internationally as well. I saw some pics posted online from the event in Souel, South Korea earlier this winter. I am going on the assumption that the model is teams advance to FTC world championship via participating in a championship event. so short answer to question 1 is very likely a qualified yes.

Question two would have to be answered by FTC. factors that might be impacting this decision, space (pits being the largest bit of FTC space needs, how many days the event can be spaced to give teams an adequate number of plays, VOLUNTEER capacity, …

My thoughts between the international teams in VEX and FTC is in VEX everything is much cheaper and more user friendly where the FTC kit is to small to build a good size robot with (we use around 3 per year). They cost a lot but you have the ability to make a very robust and powerful robot because you get very strong and robust parts all around and very good motors. Although I think from a first glance, a international team would pick VEX, because over all its more affordable. That’s just my thoughts on the matter.

I’m hoping FTC does add two more divisions in coming years, but as for now I don’t forsee that. The International show of teams is MUCH bigger than it has been. I wish I could join you guys in st. louis!
Good Luck,

John Fogarty
Global Force 3864