FTC Driver Station and Robot Controller 5.3 Bug

We updated to version 5.3 for both the Drivers Station and Robot controller.
Now, our autonomous has large delays between each step, when it moved smoothly from function to function before.
Is this a bug?
Is there another update coming soon?
How can we revert back to previous versions?
We use block programming, not android studio.

Make sure you disconnect your network connection between your laptop and the robot controller before testing. I’ve seen issues with having two devices (laptop and drivers station) connected causing delays.

you can always revert back to 5.2. All of the releases are available on the FTC github page. https://github.com/FIRST-Tech-Challenge/SkyStone/releases

From the FTA/CSA 11.18.19 call (but I can’t find a general access link or post):
There are potentially some changes in the FTC 5.3 codebase vs. 5.2 related to the introduction of PIDF (PID w/ Feed-Forward) due to changes in the default PID coefficients (values). Reports are that the new coefficients may cause movements to be sluggish. There are some suggestions for Java programming that involve setting the coefficients with the setPIDCoefficients call. The old coefficients are supposed to be…
RUN_USING_ENCODER (velocity mode)
RUN_TO_POSITION (position mode)

For block programming it may be best to stick with 5.2. The apps can be side loaded onto phones (as with other Android apps) using a USB stick. APKs should be in the link Greg posted above. I don’t know how to save the block program and load into the new (old) app version, so you may not want to downgrade until knowing how to save a copy of your.

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