FTC easyC FAQ Thread

Things you might need to know for the First Tech Challenge:

Where can I learn to program in easyC?

My robot won’t move!!! HELP ME!!!
This is usually a mastercode issue, it is either out of date or corrupt. Reloading the master code will usually fix your robot.

Where can I get the 2007 Competition Template?

You can download the newest version of easyC V2 from the link below.

I have a 12 Digit CD-KEY, What do I do with it???

Click the “Get Unlock Code” button on the bottom of licensing screen and then chose “By Intelitek.com
a screen will pop up and at the top enter your CD-KEY. It is very important you fill out the form
as complete as possible in case your computer crashes or you lose your CD-KEY.

What do I need to Run/Install easyC?
Windows XP/2000
PIII-450MHz+, 256MB+
100MB Hard Disk Space
Administrator Access

**What is Master Code V7 and why do I need it? **

There are two programs stored in the controller, the master and the user. The master code allows your user code to interface with the Vex hardware. The user cannot edit the master code. The user program is the set of custom instructions you download to the controller. Master code V7 is required in order to use the FTC competition templates in easyC V2 or the IFI competition library for MPLab.

**My autonomous program did not run after I downloaded the 2007 FTC Template even thought I had the jumper in interrupt 5. **

The 2007 FTC template looks for a transmitter signal to begin executing either autonomous mode or Operator Control Mode. If you are in the pit at a competition, you must tether your transmitter to your controller and turn it on. Your autonomous program should begin to execute when the transmitter signal is received. If you are not at a competition, you do not need to tether your robot and can use your frequency crystals.

What is the 2007 FTC competition template and why do I need to use it?

The 2007 FTC Competition Template is available only in easyC V2. It provides a standardized programming format for teams to use when competing in an event. The template has two sections, one for your Autonomous program and one for your Operator Control program. It allows you to switch between programs by simply moving a jumper clip between interrupt 5 and 6. The template controls the duration of each of these matches and allows the FTC field to begin and end each match. The 2007 FTC competition requires that you use either the FTC 2007 template in easyC V2 or the IFI competition libraries for MPLab.

My robot does not respond to transmitter signals in the middle of an operator control match.

The 2007 FTC competition template works with timers. As soon as the receiver sees a signal from a transmitter with a matching frequency, the timer begins to count down. Once the timer counts down, the controller is disabled. The operator control period counts 254 seconds as indicated in the template (4 minutes, 14 seconds). This is longer thana FVC match because the FVC field controls the starting and stopping of the match, limiting it to 2 minutes. When you place your robot on the FVC operator controlled field, you are asked to test your robot with the frequency you are given. When this test is complete, plug your transmitter into the field. You must turn your robot controller OFF and ON again to reset the timer of the template. If you do not do this, your program could time out because it began counting while you were testing your robot and not when the match began.

My autonomous robot program starts as soon as I turn on my robot controller.

This means you are either not using the 2007 FTC competition template or you have not downloaded master code V7 to the controller on your robot. The 2007 FVC competition requires that you use either the FTC 2007 template in easyC V2 or the IFI competition libraries for MPLab.

Can I use the Vex default code that comes in the Vex controller for the 2007 FTC competition?

No, the 2007 FTC competition requires that you use either the FTC 2007 template in easyC V2 or the IFI competition libraries for MPLab. This requirement allows the FVC field to start and stop matches.

The motors on my robot do not stop on the competition field after the two minutes has expired.

Verify that you are using the 2007 FTC competition template in easyC V2 and that master code V7 is downloaded to your controller.

How do I move easyC V1 files into the 2007 FTC competition template in easyC V2?

Open up a new 2007 FTC competition template in easyC V2. Select Add Existing Function from the Options menu. Select the Main function of your easyC V1 project. You will have to rename the main function to something like “autonomous_code”. A new function named “autonomous code” will appear under the User Functions in the project explorer. Drag the new function into either the Autonomous or OperatorControl sections of the template.

What do I need to “tether” my robot, and what does this mean?

On the rear of the Vex transmitter there is a tether port. This is also where you will “plug” your transmitter into the FTC field. A tether is used when you want to directly connect your transmitter to the Vex controller. A tether allows you to bypass the receiver module and plug the transmitter directly into the Vex controller. This allows you to operate your robot directly without using any radio signals. One end of the tether is plugged into the transmitter and the other end in plugged into either Rx1 or Rx2 on the controller. At all FTC competitions you are required to tether your transmitter to your robot if you want to operate it in the pit. Using Frequency crystals in the pit is not allowed. A tether cable in not provided in the Vex starter kit. Any telephone handset extension cable with work as a tether for a Vex robot (This is the cable that goes from the handset to the phone’s base, not the cable that goes from the phone’s base to the wall).

My Vex USB adapter stopped working

This can happen if you unplug the programming cable from the USB port after every time you download a program. The programming cable was designed to be disconnected from the robot side of the cable, not the USB side. You should leave the USB side of the programming cable connected to your PC. If you are having a hard time downloading programs to your robot, it could be a USB problem. Disconnect the programming cable from your computer and restart the computer. Once the computer is up, reconnect the USB adapter.

** I get Error 1000 unlocking easyC **

The key you entered into easyC doesn’t match any keys in the database.
Check and make sure that the key you entered is correct and if it is please
contact [email protected].

** I get Error 1007 unlocking easyC **

easyC thinks you have registered all of your available copies of easyC. If you
haven’t please contact [email protected].