[FTC]: Edges of Ranp


I just have a quick question-

Is it safe to assume that the edges of the ramp will be flush with the floor? Or will there be a gap?


The way the ramp is, there is a “gap” or bump up onto the wood, the wood has not been sanded down to make a smooth transition. The bump though is very minimal that any wheel really can bump right up on it… just make sure you don’t have a piece of metal or plastic lower than 1/4-1/2in ish in the front of your robot.

To be safe you should assume the worst. It is possible that the ramp will be flush to the floor but that is not necessarily going to happen. When we built the ramp we weren’t able to get it built perfectly.

there will be a certian level of variability from field to field. we are planning for a 3/4" to 7/8" bump between the floor and the ramp. This is common and some bots do get hung up on that. if they hit it just right.

The wood ramps will tend to develop some warping over time, especially with humidity changes, and serious warping is likely if the wood is painted/coated differently or unequally on both sides.

We sat some that were almost one inch gap with the floor last year at practice competitions.

-Dick Ledford