[FTC]: Engineering Notebook Software

We did our Engineering Notebook electronically this year using Google documents. Though we like the way you can collaborate in Google we are not very pleased with the ease of formatting and the performance.

What to other teams that do their Engineering Notebook electronically use for software and/or sharing the resource?

Thank you!
FTC Team 7023 - HexaSonics

We have done it through google docs as well and also found some things difficult or overly time consuming, I would love to hear what other teams use.

MS Word and Dropbox is one of the best options out there. The TOC function in Word can help you list figures, tables, entries, etc.

Alternatively, if you are going for a much more professional and serious look, have someone on the team that likes coding, and want more flexibility, I highly recommend LaTeX. It’s not a programming language (it’s a type-setting language) and lots of people in the academia uses it (especially in math and physics). It will benefit your team tremendously.

+1 to LaTeX if you have the time/interest. If you want something that looks professional, it’s the way to go. Like mentioned, it’s used in academia quite a bit, so it’s useful for students pursuing post-secondary education.

I’d recommend WriteLaTeX as an online/collaborative way to edit your doc online. I’ve been using it for a variety of collaborative projects all year, and it’s fabulously easy to use-- it will even compile your doc in-browser! Importing custom stuff can get a bit dicey but for the most part it’s great.