[FTC]: FCS with Bluetooth

Hi, we have been programming and testing the robot all by using Bluetooth.
(using the Remote Control Editor, in the tab “Run Program”).
But Now I am trying to configure the FCS system and all I’ve read just tell me that we have to use Wi-fi.
Is there any way of configure FCS using BT? We currently do not have the hardware for make the samantha connection work.

As far as I know, there is no way to use bluetooth and use the FCS. We had to get a router to test samantha at home.

For your testing purposes, it helps to have the exact router. Though you can use a router with the same settings to test it I think. I found a used one at a ReStore and It worked ok with the FCS.

Also, we now haved the samantha module but we are trying to configure it over the wifi of the school. It works over a 802.11x security system, is there any way to use Samantha over it?

We’ve actually had very good luck doing this–just flash samantha with the network name and password and try it.