[FTC]: Field Hardware USB hub

WE have a field that is permanently set up. We have FCS working fine, however, We would like to set up the Controllers using the USB Hubs just like in Competitions. Is there a parts list for setting up the field?

Per alliance station, you’ll need the following:

1 Powered USB hub (Needs to be powered, I recommend a 7 Port Hub)
4 Logitech controllers (F310, with the switch on the bottom set properly)
1 USB Extension cord (Preferably with a repeater)

You ought to be able to find all the parts you need at OfficeMax, BestBuy or Radioshack. Good luck. And if you need any further tips, let me know.

sounds easy enough I ordered the USB cables and hubs online good pricing @ showmecable.com

Here in Florida we have 5 Leagues that each has a “tournament in a box” which is all of the field electronics in a box ready to set up a tournament in a matter of minutes. This is the hub and cables we use for the setup.