FTC Field Side Tables

FTC Field Side Table.pdf (707.5 KB)

After attending many FTC League meets and championships it was noticed that there was no standardization of the field-side control station table. Often, we would see a TV tray type table that would block the view of the field closest to the driver/operator. This is the solution to that problem. This document will guide teams, leagues, states, to create these low-cost tables that fold up very small for transport.

After we built a set of these for the STL South League and used them at one league meet we discussed with Missouri’s Executive Director about making them for all the leagues in Missouri. We were given the go ahead and at this point we have made 40 of them for 10 sets.

Please build some and share with your local league. Also feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

P.S. We cannot attach the .stl file for the hook that we use, but if you contact us we will be glad to send you the file. It takes about 15 minutes to print one hook.

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At the Montreal event they used Ikea EKET boxes.

You might also look at these quick connectors to make simple structures: https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/hardware/fasteners/connectors

I’m not sure I understand what you meant by suggesting the products from Lee Valley???

You can use those simple corners to quickly assemble what you need, then take them apart when the event is finished. Quite a neat little thing, though not super cheap they do a good job and are easily re-purposed.

In Minnesota, we have used 3D printed stands with vertical churro support from AndyMark. Would be happy to share the design with anyone interested.

Ah, I see. Our goal was cheap and yet sturdy enough for the job. Those look cool; but they would break the bank for us.

So those are nice… But that is exactly the problem we were solving. I’m sure someone was trying to do something nice by designing and making the tables you posted, but often this is done by someone who has not played any games on the field. They block the view of the field right in front of the drivers.

That’s a good point but I haven’t heard that complaint before. I have heard a lot of feedback that teams enjoy easier access to the controllers with the stands being higher. We’ve used them since Velocity Vortex (2016).

we just get simple folding tables but if you ask you can move them. I always move mine to the side near the corner of the field since my controller has the reach