[FTC]: Finals Round 3 - First Quad Robot Balance of the season

Check out this photo:


Best of all, the round ended in a tie!

Blue eventually won round 4 and went home with the Winning Alliance award.

At the first official qualifying tournament of the year, the “Scarifier” held on October 31st, in Fremont, California.

Techno Guards (2848) won the Inspire Award, and ScotBots (548) were the captains of the winning alliance, both automatically qualify for the NorCal Regional Championship in January.

4 more qualifiers scheduled in the next month!

Great job!

Any video?

Don’t see a lot of batons dispensed for this match. Looks like teams are having a difficult time with those :stuck_out_tongue: Was the entire match played more defensively?

The matches were very defensive! The team found out how difficult it is to get the batons a) out of the dispensers, and b) into the rolling goals when everyone else is there. Also the head ref was VERY particular about the control of goals rules. It always seemed to end up that all four of the robots were on the same side of the field at the same time too.

Here are some videos i found, and from what i saw there was a ton of defense (it looked VERY hard to score) and most of the points were scored at the “End game” when the robots balanced on the bridge.

Thanks for the info! So in this case it was the autonomous points that won the match?

Actually, it was a tie…

On the next round, as is often the case, driving made the difference!

What was the average score of matches? What was the highest score?

Highest Score at our Competition here in FL was 62 in the very last finals match of the day.

I was wondering, in the CA or FL competition did anyone get a rolling goal balanced?

Not in CA so far… but there’s a tournament this weekend!

The New Highest Score is 72

7 matches out of 20 had rolling goal balanced in the 2nd competition in FL.

Yes… Goals were balanced in California as well

Also, at the same tournament - batons were scored and dispensed in autonomous, including the doubler.

(BTW… the bridge in that picture is not normally bent.)

An unrelated question – can you please describe why your wheel base is articulated such that it can “open” and “close”? My students saw this on a video and were confused as to its usefulness.

Now wouldn’t it be interesting if a bridge somehow snapped during competition?

soo…i’m still noticing no blowout scores…and from that video hardly any batons were scored…ok then.

Hey team 110 foxes from NJ here! We had a successful triple item balance this weekend:

We are the huge robot on the right. This is the final game of the scrimmage and the bridge balanced literally two seconds before the end of the game and the drive team was absolutely ecstatic! we ended up winning the game 52 to 15 due to points scored off of autonomous and preloaded batons. Team 110 also won the Inspire award at the competition.

Drive team’s reaction to the balance:

umm just wait until 12/4. the highest score well be there.:smiley:

I saw that video too, my guess is so it can get to all 3 baton dispenser heights.