[FTC]: FTC - Buying Lego Pneumatic Parts... Source(s)?

As part of brain-storming and designing for this new game “Bowled Over!” we want to construct on a board a fully-operational Lego pneumatic setup featuring ALL the available pneumatic parts and functions… then we’ll see whether there’s any application for our new FTC robots…

FOR THE LIFE OF ME, I can’t find a retail source to purchase a pneumatic kit, parts, or anything regarding Lego Pneumatics… AM I missing something here?

There appears to be cobbled-together “kits” on eBay… but, I’m looking for an authorized retail source where I can buy kits and parts a-la-carte… I’m looking for the “McMaster” of Lego Pneumatics…

ANY help would be greatly appreciated… THANKS! :wink:

Try Bricklink. It’s by far the best way to buy individual LEGO parts.

You can also try here for pneumatic parts. FTC teams may even qualify for discount.