[FTC]: FTC Cad Parts

Is there any way that I can download the entire FTC KoP from www.3dcontentcentral.com ? All of the parts there are perfect but it’s a pain to download each part individually. :wink:

Give this url a shot instead.


Good luck!

I found this link somewhere else, and the only problem is that I am using solidworks 2008-2009. After some searching around on the web, I found some forums that were discussing importing pro/E parts into Solidworks, and while some of them say that it is possible, every time I try to, nothing happens.

I know that it’s possible because I know that my team did, but I’m not exactly sure how we did it. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

i just downloaded each of the parts for all the programs i have it may take a while but it goes fairly quickly

Yeah that’s what I’ll end up doing, I just wanted to check for a faster way before doing it like that. Marie, do you have a solution?

Let me see what I can do. You want the FTC parts in one location in SolidWorks format - correct?

Yes, available as one download

for Pro-E i know you can download everything at once

Legally, I do not have permission to do this - however, since most of the parts were designed in SolidWorks originally, I will ask the vendor. This might take awhile. We are very sensative to utilizing model files designed by others. However, I created a series of youtube videos for collegiate FSAE teams that might be helpful to show you how to use 3dContentCentral more effectively. You can actually drag the component right
from 3dContentCentral into your assembly.

View the video on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy_MZi4wcuI&feature=PlayList&p=38088C14E31FAF31&index=2
Although these movies were created for car design, the technique is the same. Select the First Robotics or VEX Robotics category under User Category for My Favorites. Create a common directory for
all 3DContentCentral parts when you download.

Remember to customize your Design Library to include this folder of parts - it will really make life easier. You can drag them into additional assemblies.
Tip: Think about subassemblies first - how would you assembly this physically? What parts move and what are fixed. Use reference axis for rotation to mate to. Marie