[FTC]: FTC Championship Footage

Anyone else have some footage from the FTC Championships this week? I have 2 videos uploaded thus far.

One of our qual matches:

Final match of Edison

I have almost every match my team played, through all the FRanklin and DaVinci finals. again thanks to Smoke and Mirrors and Under the Son it was great winning with you guys :D.

You guys were great. We were upset we lost the second game because our Robot broke but you guys were great, and that’s part of the game. Your Alliance was less predictable, more balanced, and obviously more consistent. So congrats, and its great be #2 to you guys.

Hey guys thanks for making our rookie year an amazing on in Atlanta! Does anyone have a compilation of all of the videos like TBA for FRC?

I don’t think our media person filmed those matches, because she kept on complaining about people getting in the way. She does have tons ‘o’ pictures though.

Gotta thank you guys too, We finished 11th it wasn’t a guarantee that would be picked for an alliance, but you guys did. I hope to see you guys next year in St. Louis, I’ll be there even if 154 doesn’t make it.

I think 568 had a video camera. I’ll shoot them an email.

Hey do you have a copy of those pics still? Please email them to me at [email protected]

We hope to see you in St. Louis next year!
Team 3855 Tempered Steel

My Mentor Josh Groleau will be sending those pictures to you, IF he doesn’t they are all on the Facebook Renegade 154 page. The Team was thinking of getting you guys and Team Tiki Renegade Shirts, I’ll let you know what’s happening with that.

could you post those on youtube and post the links?

We have all of our matches recorded, we will post them once they are all digitized and cleaned up a little (edit out dead time before the matches start, etc.)

In the meantime, enjoy this video we made of one of our autonomous routines before we left for Atlanta. This was run using the FCS with a 30 second autonomous timer.

i couldn/t find your faceboook page, could you please link to it

We now have some of our matches posted on YouTube. Unfortunately, our video editing software introduced some lockups in the videos. Be patient, it will start back up. Also for some reason YouTube cut off the last second or so of the videos so the title we added with the score is usually incomplete. I have put the correct final score in the comments about the videos. Eventually we will try to post better copies of the videos.

Thanks again to 2868 “Smoke and Mirrors” for making us their first pick and thanks to 3864 “GForce” for rounding out our awesome alliance.

David S.
Mentor 2843 “Under the Son”


Hey Luke,

Not sure if Jeff ever got that link to you…here it is.


cool, great pics!

I found these videos posted by SSI Robotics. However there is no audio for them yet.