[FTC]: FTC Driving Questions

Hi everyone, my team just got the FTC kit a few weeks back and we are having questions about the electrical system.

As you know, the kit will come with a tetrix DC motor controller and a tetrix servo controller. (the black things that goes into port 1 on the NXT brick) But the rules of the robot is that you are allowed one additional tetrix controller. I’m wondering how would you wire it and how would programming go.

Oh yea, I almost forgot.

Are there such things as omni wheels for FTC? If yes, where can we get it?

Look at the wiring diagram that came with the kit. It shows you how to connect the NXT to the motor controller and then to the servo controller. To add another motor or servo controller, just add the wire to the end of the chain or you can connect it directly to the NXT into another sensor port.

Sorry, there aren’t any Omni wheels for TETRIX this year.

On any move motor vi in labview, you have to say which black box (controller) you have the motor plugged into (same for servos). Right click with the wire tool where it says controller and then scroll down to where it says create constant. Set it for whatever number the controller that you have plugged the motor into is in the chain of controllers.

Oh thanks guys. :smiley:

Are they making omni wheels in the future?

Uh, That is really something that only an official could tell you. But, I don’t think that Pitsco/Lego will be releasing any Omni-Wheels this year.

We actually made some, although not exactly legal, we made them all out of Lego parts, but they took a lot of parts (but used ones not given to us in the kit to make it work). It looked cool, but wasn’t practical, wouldn’t take the weight of a robot I would imagine.

Who knows what they will be making in the coming years, hopefully a lot of new things will be coming out.