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It should be noted that there is variation from one sensor to another as well as from one Beacon to another. A calibration routine to compensate for these differences is highly recommended when using the Beacon intensity for determining distance to Beacon.

How do I run a calibration routine in Labview?

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I’m not sure about Labview semantics, yet here’s a general structure. You’ll want two constant global variables assigned to the intensities at the two extremes of distances – i.e. one variable is the intensity at (e.g.) your starting position and the other is the intensity right up next to the center zone wall. From there it’s a simple linear interpolation of intensity to range.

The problem we’ve found is that it’s difficult to do that on the fly at the start of every match; there’s barely enough time to avoid the defensive autonomouses as it is. So rather than pursue a calibration avenue, our autonomouses use the encoders and an intricate mapping routing to tell the distance to target. The IR sensor still serves the purpose of lining us up to fire.