[FTC]: [FTC]: GigaGoal Game Concept

I oopsed with the title…

I’ve been doing a lot of FRC game design, so I thought for a challenge I’d work up an FTC game. Let me know how you’d FTCers feel about this game.





The game is played on a traditional FTC field. In opposite corners of the square start each alliance’s robot. Outside the field are four goals, two for each alliance. The low “Long Goals” span 1/3rd the edge of the field, and the two “Tall Goals” have a higher and harder area to score into. During all times in the match, robots are not allowed to touch the Long Goals or receive a penalty.

But the central objects of the game are the hexagonal “GigaGoal” and the “Ball Chute”, both take up the majority of the field. The GigaGoal is made of half inch plexiglass, standing a simple 1 foot tall. A three foot cut on two sides of the GigaGoal allows robots to enter and exit, so long as they can get over the 1 inch hump. The GigaGoal has red and blue tape over two sides each.

The game elements used to score are three different sized balls. 80 small golf ball size balls (10 given to each alliance), 30 3" diameter balls and 14 6" diameter balls - 4 of those starting in the center of the GigaGoal at the start of the game. These balls will be entered into the field at specific times though the Ball Chute, however there is a catch.

At the start of the operator mode, one set of Balls will enter the field. In the next 30 seconds, a second set. After 1 minute of play, the final set. At the start of each game, Alliances will tell the Head Ref an order to unleash the balls into the field - an order that the opposing alliance will not know. The alliance that scores the most points in autonomous mode will have their wish granted, and their order of letting balls fall will be selected. If both alliances tie, the official order will be Small to Mid to Big. The last 30 seconds of the match will be the End-Game.

During Auto-Mode, teams will attempt to score as many points as possible. Each alliance is given 10 of the small balls they may split among their robots and try to score in the Low and Tall goals. Robots may also enter the GigaGoal, grab the Big balls, and attempt to score them. See Scoring below for points.

After auto-mode, the first set of balls drop and alliances frantically grab balls and score them. During the entire match, even auto-mode, only ONE robot from each alliance is allowed inside the GigaGoal. This will make travel difficult, as the Ball Chute blocks most of the way. Alliance partners will have to coordinate between each other when and how to travel around the course. Robots are allowed to play push-and-shove, but pinning against a wall or the INSIDE wall of the GigaGoal is not allowed. Robots will have the entire 2 minutes to score as many balls as they can into the Long and Tall goals. See Scoring below for points.

Once the End-Game starts, robots can race to a wall of the GigaGoal with their alliance color on top, and may grip the wall of the GigaGoal. Robots must lift their entire body (with the exception of any part that is specifically for holding the side of the wall) above the goal. Robots that lift themselves upright at the end of the game will receive special multipliers for their alliance.


-Small ball scored in the Long or Tall Goal: 1 Point
-Big ball scored in the Long or Tall Goal: 10 Points
-One Robot inside the GigaGoal: 5 Points (Even in auto-mode, only one robot is allowed inside the GigaGoal or will receive a penalty.)

As tradition, Balls scored in auto-mode will score again at the end of the match. The alliance with the most points scored in autonomous mode will have their order of what size balls fall when will be implemented. If there is a tie, the order will be Small to Mid to Big.

Operator Mode:
-Any size ball scored in the Long Goal: 1 Point
-Any size ball scored in the Tall Goal: 3 Points

End-Game Bonuses:

Each ball scored is counted.
-The alliance whom scored the most Small balls receives 1 point for each Small Ball still inside the GigaGoal.
-The alliance whom scored the most Mid balls receives 3 points for each Mid Ball still inside the GigaGoal.
-The alliance whom scored the most Big balls receives 5 points for each Big Ball still inside the GigaGoal.

If there is a tie in any or all of these three instances, both alliances receive the points.

-One Robot standing on the edge of the GigaGoal: x2 multiplier for each point received from the GigaGoal End-Game Bonus.
-Two Robots standing on the edge of the GigaGoal: x4 multiplier for each point received from the GigaGoal End-Game Bonus.

Very Complicated :yikes:. Sounds like fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

I could see the game being executed much more easily if you removed the “alliance picks when balls are released onto field” idea, but would add a little extra tension to the the game play.
Do you have any ideas for a mechanism that would accept balls of differing diameters? Most of the concepts used during 2009 FRC can not deal with such huge discrepancies…

Nice job!

I don’t think this will happen but I would love to see the field size for FTC increased. 12’x12’ is just too small at times and the game would be even more interesting with room to move! That way interesting field objects and obstacles could be used without making the field so cramped you cannot move. Something proportional to the FRC field/bots would work well. Say something like a 12’x24’ field to simplify the expansion.

Change “FTC” to “VRC,” animate that game, and submit it here: http://forum.robotevents.com/design/challenge/detail/94 .