[FTC]: [FTC]: Motor Problems

My motors don’t seem to respond to any commands from my programs. I’m using RobotC and when I use the debugger it says that it’s getting values from my joystick and the motors are moving; however, the motors aren’t actually moving.

I’m sure all the wiring is done correctly and I JUST charged the batteries.

One thing is that we don’t have encoders on our motors yet, but I’m pretty sure we don’t need encoders to be able to move our motors. D=

sounds like you aren’t getting power to the motors. check your fuse and your wiring connections.

Also check if the connection to the nxt is throught the motor controller first not the servo

Check all wiring is done properly. Also, I believe the DC controllers require the battery to be plugged into a particular set of battery terminals, although I’m not 100% sure – you could try connecting the battery to the other set of battery terminals and seeing if it helps.

If you’re using the new JoystickDriver.c and have the diagnostic info displayed, you should be seeing the battery voltage as Ext Batt – it should be around 12 V if your battery is freshly charged. A lower value would likely indicate a loose cable or something.

Finally, if you don’t have the encoders set up, make sure that you uncheck “PID Control” in the Motor/Servo/Sensor setup dialog in RobotC – if I recall correctly, the motors won’t work if “PID Control” is checked and you don’t have an encoder. (“PID Control” tells RobotC to regulate the motor speed using the encoder.)