[FTC]: FTC [NewCompetition/Controller]

We are a rookie FTC that received a new FTC competition kit. In the kit, is apparently an updated controller that we are unable to make all the buttons work, with the current Robot C summer license? Does anyone know if their is software upgrade/issue that this new controller is intended for the upgraded Robot C 3.0 or are we just having our own programming issues?

And also, when is Robot C 3.0 being released? Anyone, Bueller… Buller…

Thanks. Not sure how this forum works, where to post questions… etc…

From an email blast sent out to FTC Teams: “ROBOTC 3.0 will be available on August 31st… To order your copy of ROBOTC, please go to http://www.ROBOTC.net/ftc”.

I don’t know the details of the new controller.

It is still an NXT brick, correct? If it’s not working, then use RobotC to re-install the firmware. If it’s a hardware problem, you may need to call for a replacement.
However, what’s most effective is asking an experienced team near you to help you set everything up in person.

By controller, did you mean joystick?

If it’s something other than the standard logitech one (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/gaming/controllers/devices/288),
then you’re the first to report it!

If that’s the one, then all the buttons work unless you’ve got the wrong joystick driver!

There is a switch on the bottom of the new Logitech controllers that can be set to either “X” or “D”. Set the switch to the “D” position and try again. This should give you access to all the buttons. Note: If you change the switch after you enter RobotC, you will have to re-scan for controllers.