[FTC]: FTC Off-season events

I am currently updating the 2008 Calendar of Off-season Events which will be posted to the NEMO website (www.firstnemo.org) and would like to include any FTC off-season events which are occurring. I don’t always catch all the threads that are posted in the various forums, so if you are having an event please e-mail me the basic info:

Which FIRST program(s) are included (JFLL, FLL, FTC and/or FRC)
Date, Name of Event
Host/team sponsoring it
City, State
Where to go for more information


York Region Invitational Tech Challenge
VEX robotics and the QUAD Quandary field
Friday May 9th, 2008

Only $40 Registeration

Stephen Lewis Secondary
555 Autumn Hill Blvd.
Vaughan, Ontario, CANADA
(Near: Bathurst andRutherford Rd.)

We’d love to have American teams come over


Frank Heijmans or Gabe Nemeth
Stephen Lewis Secondary School
Tel: 905-326-7994
Fax: 905-326-8136
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]

or you can message me if you have any questions…

Would there be any interest to teams if there was an event in San Antonio, Texas? I am the director for a new Robotics Support Center at a Community College here in San Antonio. I am adding a high school robotics summer camp to what we have done the last two years for elementary and middle school students. So I have decided to use VEX kits and I am purchasing a VEX field and the elements to play Bridge Battle. I am planning on attending the FTC affiliate partner meeting in June in hopes of hosting a tournament in the upcoming season.

So I will have two VEX fields to play Bridge Battle after the summer camp (July) that will only be sitting in storage. If there is interest, I could organize an off-season event. This would give the new rookie teams a chance to get a feel for competition before the season starts. When is the off-season for FTC? Early registration begins in May and the game is announced in September???

Registration is expected to start in May, kits will be shipped in August, game is released in September. Some locations have kickoff events around that time. Tournaments are typically held in November through February, with a few in March (if the venues dictate) and World Championships in April. So the “off-season” is March through August in many areas.

I’ll borrow the format:

Washington Spring Robofest
FIRST Tech Challenge QuadQuandry
Saturday, May 10, 2008


Sky Valley Education Center
17072 Tye Street SE, Monroe, WA
(Just off Highway 2)

We’d love to have Canadian teams come over!

**Practice starts at 10am – plenty of time to drive from either Vancouver (BC or Washington)!


Please RSVP:
Rick Tyler
Tel: 425-466-4543
Email: [email protected]

Everything you wrote sounds great, but there might be one fly in the ointment. It’s not clear in your message that you know that FTC will not use Vex kits next season.

The next FTC season will not use the Vex kits, except for some possible resuse of Vex metal parts. If you become an FTC AP, you will be hosting an FTC event(s) that will use a kit comprised of LEGO Mindstorm parts and metal very similar to that sold by LynxMotion, plus some motors, gears and other parts not from eithe rof those companies.

Separately from whether you become an FTC AP and from whether or not you organize an FTC tournament(s); you can host tournaments using Vex machines and whatever rules IFI/Vex announce for their competition that is separate from FTC (Bridge Battle is the IFI game this school year, while Quad Quandary is the FTC game this school year).

Does that help? Were you aware of this dichotomy?


I was aware and did not include it in my post. In fact I was extremely fortunate to have been working the FTC fields at the championship event in Atlanta where they demonstrated the new system. It is an interesting hybrid of sorts, speaking of the new system.

So my question remains, would there be an interest by current FTC teams to conduct a demonstration type tournament in San Antonio, Texas? I am currently working on an event to be held at the AT&T center, home of the San Antonio NBA “Spurs” on October 13th. A city councilwoman is organizing an event where I hope to have FRC, FTC, and Lego NXT robots on display. Best way to display them is to have a competition. The Quad Quandry elements appeared to be simple enough to construct.




Keep me in the loop on your event at AT&T center.

I have several VEX kits we purchased this year for prototyping and our education team. We did not do FTC but we are interested in FTC as well as VEX contests for the future.

I wish I had time this summer for the camps but I am taking 12 hours of grad school this summer.



Will do:)

Announcing the rescheduled Georgia Vex Robotics Bridge Battle
Tournament. This tournament is being organized as an off season VEX
event. Game description, competition documents, drawings
and game animation can be found at the link at the bottom of this

Who: Middle School & High School age students
When: Saturday June 28, 2008
Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Where: Stephenson High School
Street: 701 Stephenson Road
City State Zip: Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087
Capacity: 30 teams
How Much: $50)
How: Contact Robert May at rswsmay@mindspring. com to register

Held by FTC 600 SHIRT