[FTC]: FTC - Pictures and Videos Here

I’ve seen many requests for pics and videos of the new FTC Face Off! robots and competition matches in numerous threads, but I’ve not seen any responses to those requests, nor can I find anything new and useful posted anywhere else online. I encourage those willing to share to post links to their new FTC stuff here in this thread.

If you are looking for videos, try youtube. There are 3 or 4 up there right now. keyword; ftc robotics

Here is what 35/2106 put out this year:

Video of the final (almost) robot:

videos and pictures during the build season:

Pictures of the Charlottesville event:

Thanks to both of you for sharing - here’s hoping we see more posted soon!

Here’s a fun video from Team 2818 (G-FORCE)

It shows the robot and us scoring in Autonomous mode.

We’ll be competing in La Plata MD, in late Feb.


Here’s a G-FORCE (FTC2818) video showing Auto and Telop modes. (plus some tumbles and flips).

Have fun.

Very, very cool robot. And I think you’ve inspired one of our teams with a new approach to loading their scoring mechanism – that’s what this is all about, right? Thanks.

You got that right Rick TYler- If I have anything to say about it my teams’ bot will look very similar

I like decrypting what others do on their robot. Your puck-picker is not the same as we are using on FTC 417 and FTC 575, so I was interested in what you did differently. Your twin-servo grabber is similar to what our team 575 did, but I can’t figure out what is driving that gear that lifts the puck (575 uses two servos and 417 uses a 12-volt motor). Did you figure out a way to use a Lego motor for that? I hate not knowing things… :slight_smile:

Our team 417 uses a Lego mechanism to pick up pucks, and a 12-volt motor to lift them.

575 uses twin servos to grab them, and two more servos for lifting.

Our third team, 418, doesn’t have a puck-picker – just in case you were keeping score. 418 is currently a walking robot that can’t really do anything with the pucks, but it’s a crowd pleaser.

I found the servos to be pitifully weak at lifting servos. Even with roughly 17 rubber bands attached to the back to help them left.

Well, I never said our 575 team *liked *the way the servos lift… They are trying to figure out how to use Lego motors for this.


I will try and take a picture of the way we are doing it. It’s not too pretty, but it works. Also, there is another thread in this forum where people have posted how they suggest we try it.

We use use a third servo to rotate the puck picker.

We initially had a pair of servos on each claw (one to grip, and one to lift) but there were two problems.

  1. We needed more than 180 deg rotation.
  2. They weren’t fast enough to “throw” the pucks into our dumping bin.

So We attached a 40 tooth gear to a single rotate servo, and drive a 20 tooth gear with it. The two gripper servos are attached to the shaft that the 20 tooth gear is on.

This way we can get up to a full rotation with twice the speed.
You need to set the “period” on the servo VI to 0 to get maximum speed.

To lift the puck bucket, we use two 12V motors (one of which has an encoder on it for positioning)

I thought the number you input for max speed was “2”. Did I miss something?

This is a link to a video of our bot, this is the first day testing our autonomous.