[FTC]: FTC pits?

Do teams have ‘pits’ at FTC events like FRC events? Or do they just work from a table like some of the FLL events I’ve seen?

It depends on the scenario. Usually, FTC does not have a personal “pit” they can hang up banners, monitors, and whatnot. But the competitions do have tables they give you to set up your laptop, tools, etc.

Unless of course you make it to worlds. They gave us a HUGE pit last year and that was pretty nice :slight_smile:

In my experience, until the FTC World Champioinship, they typically work from/on a table, and that is their “pit”.

I think that folks like to use the term “pit” to refer to any place where maintenance and match prep occurs, not just to refer to a (roughly) 10x10 space bounded by pipe-and-drape in an FRC venue.

FTC robots are much smaller than FRC so lots of space is not a neccessity. However, some venues and championships do provide a 10 by 10 plus table. Such has been the case for the Alamo FTC Championship since it’s inception in 2009. The San Antonio qualifier events however don’t provide more than a table.

Ah, thanks ya’ll. Just wondering. We’re going to have FTC in Pittsburgh next February. Just wondering what the events are usually like. I’m sure they change based on the venue and what’s available. Thanks!