[FTC]: FTC Ranking at competition

We have been unable to find how the Qualifying Points (QP) and the Ranking Points (RP) are somehow combined to determine ranking at a competition. We are puzzled as to how it works. Can anyone please explain?


Found explanation in the Game Manual in 3.6.6 somehow missed it. You can still put in your two cents on how it actually works.

It’s gonna be harder to score for the other team to get ranking points this year. Last year if you wanted to raise your ranking points in end game you just had to turn and shoot into the other alliance’s far goal. This year you have to go to the stationary goal or get the rolling goal. I think most teams will just concentrate on winning the match. We’ll see what we can do…

well our team really wanted ranking points and the only reason we where the number 2 seed was because we had around 130 ranking points and only lost one of the 5 matches so we mostly score around 60 or so for us then score for the other team around 20-30 points then everyone goes to the bridge and the one we lost was because we got all of our batons into the rolling goal and when we tried to balance we knocked our goal over and lost all of our batons and didnt balance. so we beat ourselves in the end by the ranking points we scored