[FTC]: [FTC] RobotC NXT can't Connect to FMS

Our team was having trouble writing an adequate autonomous program on labView so we switched to RobotC. I downloaded the version on the CD, activated it, installed the NXT firmware, compiled a very basic teleop program on it, yet when I go to FMS (non-Samantha, worked fine with LabView) and click “Connect to Brick (USB)” it can’t connect through blutooth, saying “Disconnected”. Our competition is on saturday so this is unfortunatley URGENT:yikes: and yes, I have searched the forums yet to no avail.

The NXT’s bluetooth works fine becuase it’s being picked up by RobotC’s link setup, yet FMS just doesn’t read it. I believe that it’s the NXT’s RobotC firmware becuase after I reinstalled LabView’s firmware, it was picked up by FMS, but I just don’t know how to download RobotC’s latest firmware version. I have tried a double-program template as well as the single program template yet nothing seems to fix it.