[FTC]: FTC Robotics: Tips, Tricks, Strategies, and Secrets


The Pope John High School Robotics Team in Sparta, NJ (Teams 247, 248, and 4391) have written a book on FTC Robotics. If you search on Amazon.com for “FTC TIPS” it comes right up. (Many thanks to teams “Say Watt?” and “Livingston Lancers” for making significant contributions to the current volume!)

We are offering a free copy of this book to every rookie team in the United States. To claim your free book, email your team number, primary adult mentor contact, and shipping address to [email protected]. The book will arrive in about 10 days. Please only request a free copy if the 2010/11 season is the first year for your FTC team!

Copies from Amazon are only $11.95 and we expect that all of the profits we might make from that will just cover our production expenses and the free rookie book program. This is primarily a community service activity, not a fundraising activity.

(I’m sorry, but because of complex customs rules and high shipping costs we cannot offer the free books outside the USA. However, the book should be available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.de as well as other worldwide bookstores within a week or two.)

The book includes hundreds of tips covering every aspect of FTC competition from building to programming to impressing judges, by teams that have won major state championships as captains, or have won major awards.

Also, we invite any team to submit their own tips, tricks, strategies, and secrets for future volumes. Again, simply send your ideas to [email protected]. If we use your suggestions, we will give your team and members full attribution in the acknowledgements section of the book, as well as free copies of the book.

Steve Pendergrast
FTC Robotics Coach
Pope John Robotics
Sparta, NJ

The book looks good, I’ll check it out when I get home. Any chance you’ll take input for the 2nd edition (if one ever comes out)?

Yes! We welcome feedback, new tips, etc. contributed from any team, and will give your team attribution for things used in future volumes.

See the last paragraph of my initial posting above! Feedback and tips may be emailed to [email protected]

Also, please spread the word to any rookie teams in your area about our free book offer. Not all teams, especially rookies, read Chief Delphi. Already since posting this here and at the ftc forums we have had rookie teams claim their free copies by emailing [email protected]