[FTC]: FTC rolling scoring

Does anyone kniow how tall the rolling scoring unit is? I find no heights for the four 4 inch or the center 2 inch scoring PVC pipe?

thanks john

it 9in.

What Mehdi said, We have a field built already and the 2 inch goal is 9 inches from the ground, and the 4 inch cylinders are somewhere between 6-7 inches i believe. (Never measured those sadly but that is an estimate from what i remember)

Hope this helps


Don’t forget the +/- 1 inch tolerance on any field element like that. I seriously doubt the measurements will be off by 1", but I also doubt they’ll be precise and identical between regionals/championships.

Depending on the field supplier/constructor. Alot people in FTC that build the fields are very precise about how the field is constructed and even painted. Yes design for that tolerance. Plus one inch in a scoring mechanism really wont be much.

might I ask where you folks got your figures, i was not able to find the actual measurements for the height in my specs?


A field lent to us by a member of the GDC, who happens to be affiliated with our team through mentorship.