[FTC]: FTC Rules Question

Is it legal to control your rolling goal, during the end game, from all four sides of the goal? I’ve heard from some people that it is only legal to control up to 3 sides of the goal and would just like some clarification. Thanks in advance guys!:cool:

<SG8> and <SG11b> are pretty clear about this… I’d say the “some people” did not read the rules:

SG11.b. Robots may make contact with their own alliance’s Rolling Goal and lift, grasp, or hold it for the purposes of balancing on the Bridge. Any batons that fall out of their own Rolling Goal as a result of this action will not be counted.

Of course, if you really have this question, you can always post it on the official forum…

Thanks very much!

This has been posted on the forum a lot already:
Read posts #5, #7, and #24 (pg. 3). These are the main ones that refer to goal possession other than the definition itself.
But, as you can see in the attached image in #24, you can constrain it on three sides. But the goal must have a way to separate from the robot (and vice versa) without excessive friction. The refs judge what is considered excessive friction.

However, in end game, you can possess the goal or lift, grasp, hold, etc (on 4 sides, if you want).

If you look at our robots on youtube, you’ll see why we know the goal possession rules backward and forward. :o …Well, it’s been worth it so far. Hope this helps.