[FTC]: FTC Schedule and Results

Is this information available online the same way it is available for FRC teams? I have students competing right now and I’d like to see their schedule and results online. I’m watching the webcast, but I am also trying to do my job, too. :slight_smile:

I haven’t been able to find it either =( I My mom’s there, so she’s been keeping me posted on our team’s standings (we’re 4644, the pink team) What team are you watching? We are on right now (3:30) if you’re watching!

I’m following one of 488’s three teams – FTC 3231 – competing on Edison.

I’ve been able to see part of one of their matches and they’ve sent me their schedule, but I’d like to get a better idea of the bigger picture.

The tournament organizers don’t post real-time results for FTC matches, or have I just not found the magic spot?

Real-time FTC schedules and results don’t exist like the way it is done for FRC. That is sad, considering that the scoring systems of both competitions is made by Idle Loop Software Design.

Close but not quite. It is my understanding that George Marchant writes the custom application for the FTC scoring software. His application does make use the match scheduling algorithm of Idle Loop Software Design but nothing else. It could be related to the fact that all of the regional championship tournaments are run by Affiliate Partners such as me. FTC and FLL aren’t run from New Hampshire as the local affiliates find their own venues, set their tournament dates and qualifiers within set windows of time. Since all of these events are not specifically coordinated by FIRST and there is not a central system for registration and such for each event, then this feature would only apply to the World Championship event.

With that said, I’d like to see such an option and suggest that if you do as well that you send to FTC staff a polite letter or email suggesting this be considered along with any other program enhancements. Planning for next season began about 2 months ago so get your ideas in ASAP and I make no guarantees as to the potential action on your suggestions as I am not an employee of FIRST. I believe that some event organizers piloted a new feature of this FTC scoring software that made the match results or rolling rankings available as an RSS type feed. Teams could ‘tap’ into the feed via their laptop or Smartphone and get real-time results at the event. I am not a networking/internet expert but I suppose it would then be possible to pipe this same feed out to an external website… Somebody who knows more on both the specifics of the FTC scoring application and RSS type feeds can comment further…

Here is the link from the FTC page for Match Results:


Nothing is posted at the moment, though.

Thank you for the clarification. I just assumed that the FTC scoring software was made by Idle Loop Software Design because I see the copyright notice anywhere (look all the way at the bottom) I see a score result webpage for both FTC and FRC.

You are right. In the qualifiers and championship tournament I have been, there was a Wi-Fi network that mobile devices in the venue could connect to access scores real-time. A good step in making scoring data more accessible to people in an event.