[FTC]: FTC Scouting App

Hi FTC teams and enthusiasts!

We are excited to announce the release of our free FTC scouting web app, found at http://scout.wprimerobotics.org/ . Developed by team member Kyle Ehrlich, the app allows teams to scout other teams, which facilitates finding strategic alliance partners as well as planning for upcoming matches.

Unique functionality includes the ability for teammates to scout collaboratively. Our app, utilizing the Google Drive API, is designed to allow team members to create an “event” and then (optionally) share it with other team members. This permits real-time synchronization of event data between users. All event information is seamlessly available for every member with whom the particular event is shared, provided he or she has a device connected to the internet.

Users can also upload media/files to an event, sort teams by rating, and keep track of match information.

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions. Additionally, all suggestions are welcome.

W-Prime Robotics, FTC Team 8391

The interface is very nice.
It’s also very cool to see a FTC oriented scouting app, normally I’ve seen scouting software pointed towards FRC teams.

Fantastic job all around.