[FTC]: FTC Servo Stall ratings

Just wanted to repost this link to Cougar Robotics page that lists a lot of servo stall currents. This will help you choose the best (and legal) servo for your positioning task.


Hey Coach Phil,

ServoCity™ has now posted the same information, HiTec Stall Current Specs, on their website. That combined with this HiTec Servos chart gives teams pretty much everything they need to know to pick the best (and as you say legal) servo options.

Best Regards,
Cougar Robotics

Are there any other legal continuous rotation servo options? (besides the 1425CR)

If we move away from hitech, that also means the spline count is likely to be different, or are there better ways to interface with Tetrix than the hitec servo horn?

Plenty of options for servo hubs. Also check out servo blocks - we’ve used these for a few seasons and would highly recommend them.