[FTC]: FTC Teams #657 and 3971 Teaser

So after long debate, we have decided to release a video of one of the drive trains that has been built by one of the students. The robot hasn’t been programmed as of yet, except to drive in a straight line, which is why you will see students turning it. This is the drive train for just one of our robots (just imagine what we aren’t showing you).

FTC Team #657 and #3971 Drive Train Teaser

Have fun and good luck this year.

Greetings Tim,
Congratz on a rather interesting articulated drive! I would be say that you are well on your way to doing well this year. From my experience however, a far simpler drive (standard 4x4 1:1 gear ratio drive) will do everything I saw in that video. Would your time have been better spent working on baton manipulation? That is the task that has stumped teams so far. Best of luck this year!

That’s pretty awesome. I love how it started climbing the wall. Can it get up the cliff, too?

You saw it climb the wall… what do you think :slight_smile:

I like this! Just wait till you see what we are going to be using! :stuck_out_tongue:

As i was watching this video, I was thinking to myself “wow, that is pretty impressive. Good job guys”. Thinking I had seen everything, I was about to close my browser…

…and then it went up the wall!