[FTC]: FTC Teams on Facebook

How many of you guys are on Facebook as a team page? We usually post tips and tricks that we find while building on our page. If everyone posts a link to their page, we can follow you. Follow us back too!

Click for our link](facebook.com/ftc3540)

That is an awesome name! You should write a song about it!

Here is one of the teams that I mentor pages

  • Andrew

We are a fan of our name :D. A former team mate shouted it out of the blue one day and then we just stuck with it!

We are following your team now!

Again, everyone should follow us! :facebook.com/ftc3540

I think the Facebook link is in our signature but here it is again. Facebook.com/FTCTechnoClovers

Yes it is!

We are fans of your page techno clovers.

I think I’ll add our link to the signature.

This is a test of my new signature - hopefully the facebook page is showing up now!

We are on FB! And it should be in my signature as well…

Here’s ours: facebook.com/saywattrobotics

SayWatt!, we are now following you!

Like our page please! facebook.com/ftc3540

MASH 4077 also has a team page!


So do we. C’mon over… we’ve got donuts! :wink: :]

Greetings from Team 5485! We also have a Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/FTC-Team-5485-PRO/213013808790432

Global Force doesn’t have it’s own page it has a collective page it shares with FRC 1102 M’Aiken Magic, FTC 1102 M’Aiken Tech Magic, and FTC 3923 the Atomix.

but here is the current FB page.

How do you guys put links in your signatures?
I tried but ChiefDelphi blocked me ever time.


We’re so hipster we had a Twitter before our Facebook page before it was cool to have either. Just kidding.

I almost died laughing when I read that.

Check out the Green Exploding Volcano Monsters (Team #3787) on FB at



We’re on facebook too! www.facebook.com/gotrobot

We’re at 90 LIKES. Pile on!!

MOE 365 is also on Facebook . http://www.facebook.com/pages/MOE-365-FTC/106255812837214

Hey, we’re on too. www.facebook.com/gotrobot