[FTC]: Game Animation At School?

Can anyone tell me where there might be a video of the game animation that is not on youtube so we can use it at school.:ahh: Even USFIRST’s link is from youtube so we can’t watch it here. :confused:

Your best bet would to look for FTC teams on google, you might be able to find a team that has the file on their website. I’ve checked a few teams in my area and haven’t been able to find one sorry D:

Not sure if this still works or not because Google has been cracking down on Youtube recently. But You could always use a video downloader to get the video to get it onto a flash drive.

Other more elaborate options such as a smartphone with Mini HDMI or MHL ports could easily hook to school computers (provided they had the right ports (HDMI)) From there the phone then becomes a projector of sorts as it then has a secondary screen :slight_smile:

If your computer at school doesn’t have HDMI in then you could very well bring your own laptop/computer to do that.

Hope this works.

  • Andrew

There is a game animation wmv file in the Documents Library under Team Reources that you download.
We are a rural team with very slow unreliable internet access so I am always looking for any way to download things before meetings.

thank you we found the download link and now have it thank you:)