[FTC]: Gear Up for FTC 2011!

Important notes and updatesregarding kit of parts and veteran team programming software options for the coming season. This is linked from the FTC Team Resources page under kit of parts.

Hard to beleive that registration is open for the coming season with the game review on September 10th, 2011.:ahh:

“The Samantha Wi-fi Communications Module from US FIRST is not included in any 2011 FTC kit. However, as a special offer from FIRST the first 300 rookie teams to purchase a kit this season will receive a free Samantha module. Teams that miss this promotion will be required to purchase the module at an additional cost that is to be determined , so take advantage of this offer and order your kit now!”

If it’s a required part, it should be included in the registration cost.

I’m wracking my brain trying to think of a reason why this wouldn’t or shouldn’t be the case.

This seems dumb.

Quite interesting that RobotC is now a separate purchase…

This also makes it sound like they are not making a “rev 2” for this year, which I think many people were hoping for.

My thoughts exactly, but the makers of RobotC are not FIRST sponsors (as far as I know), and they already have their own web store. Compare this to NI’s labview, which is only for FTC/FRC teams (again, AFAIK), and can’t be bought separately.

Based on that, every rookie team should also be given a LEGO NXT…

Labview was initially designed for engineers to automate lab test and manufacturing systems. It is still used for that and that is where the majority of paid systems are (What is NI LabVIEW? Graphical Programming for Test & Measurement - NI).

Since RobotC is ONLY for use in the hobby/robot competition environment, they have no other source of income. We would be just fine with paying for it separately, especially if, by doing, so we should get even better support.

Also, since the software refresh license last year was a cost item ($69? it’s been a while) and this next year it’s free, but teams that use it will have to purchase a RobotC License, it’s basically a wash, and it’s a plus for the LabView based teams.

I could not agree more; I (along with many others) am willing to pay more if it means less bugs :rolleyes: .

So as some others have pointed out on the software, you pay for it one way or the other unless this next season you chose to go with LabView.:cool:

The samantha module issue is that it is something of a kit of parts item, requirement, and this year teams recieved them at NO COST due a a terrific grant to FIRST by the Kauffmann foundation.:smiley: (see note at the bottom of this webpage, scroll all the way down.)
Going forward they are a purchased item but FTC must have had a few (300) left over from the grant and is giving them away to next year’s rookie teams on a first come first served basis which seems fair.

I don’t have a crystal ball to speak accurately regarding growth but FTC experienced something like a 400 team increase this year so one might project that 75% of new teams next year will get this item for FREE:]