[FTC]: Getting wireless to run on FTC bot

We have been using Blue Tooth to test and drive our bot. However the BT has gone down on the computer. We have a netgear N600 duel band router (WNDR3400). Are our attempts to try and get the bot to hook up to this router been in vane? We are having no success using the FTC how to… Supportive suggestions needed.

Have you taken a look at this?

This is the link to a guide on how to connect the Samantha Module to the wifi.


This is the link to a guide on how to connect the laptop to the robot once you have connected the Samantha Module to the wifi.


The Samantha Module should be able to connect to any wifi.

Hope that helps.

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I believe the Samantha Module only connects to wifi devices that support the 802.11b protocol.

The netgear N600 duel band router should work.

The first thing you will need to do is go into the settings of the router and disable the 5.0GHz (and make sure the 2.4GHz is activated) name the network something easy (ours is FTC_6955).

Next set the security to open (so there is no password needed to connect, it makes thing easier).

Finally create your setup flash-drive and “Flash” your samantha using the instructions HERE