[FTC]: Head-phones or no Head-phones

Can or CAN’T the pilot co-pilot and coach use walkytalky head-phones on the field?:confused:

Ok, I just spent a half hour reading the FTC manual. I couldn’t find anything that says you can’t. However, it will probably interrupt with robot signals and then you won’t be able to use them. Honestly, your best bet is the GDC. They will answer for sure. However, their answer will probably be no. It has just always been in the FRC manual…I’m not really an FTC person, so they might give a better response.

Um…I’m not familiar with the new format, but if you’re the coach…then aren’t you standing right behind the pilots? So can’t you just yell at each other?

If you’re trying to be secretive, honestly, at world, you’ll end up yelling into the headphones simply because it’ll be so loud.

I can’t seem to find anything in the rules that prevents you from doing so…but why would you want to? If it’s for communication between the drive team, you’re better off just talking to each other, plus you’ll still need to be able to hear so you can talk to your alliance partners during the match. If it’s to talk to someone in the audience…if you need to talk to someone that badly during a match, make them the coach.

Also, FIRST generally doesn’t like this kind of stuff; the headsets are banned in FRC and communicating with a member of the audience (like with hand signals, etc) is worthy of a penalty there.

I think thats a great idea if its allowed, if it gets loud some noise cancelling headphones would be a godsend.