[FTC]: Help? Driver phone will not detect new Op Mode

We are a brand new FTC team. We have created a simple original op mode in MIT APP, installed it on the Robot Controller, scanned, named all components as they are in program, then paired the driver phone with the robot controller phone. The Driver phone will not detect the new op mode. It has, twice, but then it defaults back to the pre-programmed op modes. I updated phones, and updated apps. That shortened the list of pre-installed pop modes, but ours still does show up as an option.

I restart phones, I restart robot, I re-pair the phones. What else can I try?

The kids really want to run more than two motors, they want to write their pop mode.


Did you uninstall the previous app in the robot phone?

Yes, there are no other FTC apps on the phones, and I even deleted all OP Modes apps the kids had created and installed, except the one we are trying to use.

No luck. Only shows preinstalled Op Modes.

I haven’t looked into App Inventor much, but Android Studio has a manifest / registry file of op modes as part of the code. Does App Inventor have something similar that you need to add your op mode to?

You need to add the new OpMode to the list of OpModes in FtcOpModeRegister.java.

Add the following line inside the preexisting register method:
manager.register(“K9TeleOp”, K9TeleOp.class);
Replace K9TeleOp with whatever you want to name the OpMode and replace K9TeleOp.class with the class name.