[FTC]: High Scores

from FTC facebook page:
New FIRST Tech Challenge Bowled Over High Score is 342 points - MD Qualifying Tournament. #omgFIRST #omgrobots (pic: https://twitter.com/#!/bill1stmd/status/158253769581268992/photo/1 )

New Bowled Over High Score from MD - 437 points in Elims- FTCTeams 2818 & 4240. http://pic.twitter.com/jMpOtrHK #omgFIRST #omgrobots via @bill1stmd

Any video’s or photos of this amazing performance?

We recorded all of our matches, and we will most likely put some on our facebook page. On the 342 point match, we had a lot of penalty’s because of crates on our ramp, we got 2 crates, one at the 170 point level and one at 160. then G-FORCE (our sister team) and us got 437 points because G-FORCE got 2 crates up and we got one.

Congrats Derrick!

Thanks! But its still early in the season, anything could happen.

Well, your team inspired us to rebuild our robot.

You might have seen this comment on facebook, but our robot didn’t even work until 11:30 pm the day before we left. We are uploading a video on youtube of the 342 point match, the 374 point match there was so much light you couldn’t see much at all, but the video is 21% done, and we will put the link on our facebook page right when its done. (Although we are only posting it for your enjoyment, its not put up to copy, thanks)

I am slightly lost by your description. let me know if i have this clear.

are you saying that one robot scored 330 points just in crate lifting?
if this is so, how consistant is it, and where can i see a video of this beast you call a robot?

uploading a video now, and yes we got 330 points in just our robot lifting crates. Here the link of the video, http://youtu.be/WBAKNP5iIhM but its uploading right now and its at 64% right now.