[FTC]: Highest Scores So Far

So the season has been going on for a few months now. I think its time we start seeing what the scores of other regions are doing and who has scored the highest in an official match. Here in Florida the highest score has been set at 94 this weekend at Robotfest. To my knowledge this is the highest score in Florida.

that’s an alliance score or an individual robot score?
I’m going to assume alliance.

Alliance High score, But individual is good to. I know there were two scores in the 90s at our last competition by the same team I have to pull up the scouting data we have and see what I can post!

so what is the highest scores out there in the past competitions?

NorCal had a 95 in the semifinals rounds on Sunday (the same round as one of the magnetic batons was scored).

The second highest score was an 89 in a different semi-final (also when a magnetic baton was scored).

last comp in the Finals 113 was scored with out any PENALTIES!

The highest scores in Florida so far is 97 with 1 more comp and then states in 3weeks.

Here in Vegas, our final match had scored 89 in the alliance.

FL High score was beaten today at 111 during qualifications I believe

Yesterday team Phoenxtrix and Phi Omega scored 119 points in the first round of qualifying matches in the Las Vegas Championship.

That’s awesome! Was the Doubler/Magent Baton scored? And did you win an award or get into the world championship tournament?

The doubler baton was scored. Our team was the first seed finalist alliance captain. We also won the Inspire award.

The highest score at the Montana FTC Championship was 133. It was scored by team 3509 Folsom Phoenxtrix and team 178 SD30.

Our team got 113 points by ourselves in a practice run: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d25xJ0z0pf0&feature=feedf

Unfortunately, due to encoder, compass, light sensor, and NXT problems, we were not able to get anywhere near this in the actual competition.