[FTC]: hitech motor controller

I am trying to control motors using the hitech motor controller while programing in NXT-G. I see examples of the bloc but where can I find it? Thanks

Unfortunately NXT-G is not a valid programming option this season in FTC. This is also partially why there is no block for the HiTechnic Motor Controller. Any examples using it you see are probably outdated. If you are looking to use the motor controller you must use either LabVIEW or RobotC

thanks but we are not planning to use it in ftc, our plan is to use it in our underwater ROV for MATE.

The controller blocks can be downloaded from here:

Have you considered moving to the version of LabVIEW that folks use for FTC? It should feel very familiar moving from NXT-G.

where can I get that version of labview?

A copy of LabVIEW for LEGO MINDSTORMS (LVLM) comes with the FTC Kit of Parts.

It’s also available for purchase from LEGO Education:

Some cool things about this product are the ability to do live remote control (via the PC) as well as the usual labview programming.

Whare are you competing in MATE? (I’m also starting a team).

You can download NXT-G blocks here:


thanks for the link! I have three teams that compete in the Long Beach regional. One at the elementary, and two at the middle school levels. I have found this is a great way to keep my lego teams engaged during the spring

Hey Phil,

I would be interested in seeing what you did in your seaperch camp. We are planning on hosting a tournament for local schools.



We do a 5 evening camp.

First 3 days are spent building, the next 2 are spent doing missions.

We do a theme each year…

Year 1: Raise the Titanic
Year 2: Cap the Oil Leak
Year 3: Underware robots in space (Neutral Bouancy for NASA and Search for life on Europa)

Here’s a video showing some early missions…