[FTC]: HiTechnic Prototype board

Can anyone chime in with actual experience with the HiTechnic Prototype board (either one)? Was it easy to work with? What kind of things did your team do with it?

Does anyone know of some example RobotC or LabView programming for the board? There are no examples on the HiTechnic page.

Actually, you can download a handbook with code examples from Hi-Technic’s website here: http://www.hitechnic.com/file.php?f=438-HiTechnic_Experimenters_Kit_Release_v1.0.zip

Also, if you’re using ROBOTC, Xander Soldaat (who author’s a 3rd party driver suite for ROBOTC) has some useful I2C guides here:
ROBOTC I2C Howto (Part I)
Using the ROBOTC I2C Test Utility

Great resources! Thanks.

We used the solderable one in 2008 using the Labview drivers.

Our application was pretty simple… we added three toggle switches and 3 LEDs to provide a way to set/view Auto mode. We only scanned it during Auto Disable state.