[FTC]: Hotels

What hotel is everyone staying in, if they happen to be the same, we could meet and say ‘Hi’ before the competition.

Me and most of my team are staying in the Sheraton Atlanta.

PS I almost commented out that post “//” instead of putting it on a new line, RobotC does weird things to you brain.

Good luck to all,
See you in atlanta

Your fellow Canadian Teams from Toronto, Polar Bear Robotics (Team 27) and Thornlea 2 (Team 3431), will be staying at the Marriot Marquis Hotel.

We would enjoy meeting you as well if you are in the area.

Team 1 is staying the Red Roof Inn. Ain’t exactly the best place, but the Georgia dome will be our home for the next few days anyway :slight_smile:

Marriott Residence Inn.

Well unfortunately, it looks like we are all in different places, so I guess we’ll just have to meet up at the world festival.

Good Luck to Everyone,
See you tomorrow