[FTC]: How many "State Competitions" are you going to?

Hi, I put up a pole to see how many different state competitions FTC teams normally go to. Mostly I want to see how many teams go to more then just there home state for FTC. The pole will have the answers “one” “two” and “three”, that means how many states you go to for FTC competitions, not how many competitions in all because most have qualifiers as well. Thanks, and good luck teams!!

Derrick-As a rookie coach I was surprised to learn how quickly the tournaments in the midwest fill up! We finally have our 3 but many of the ones we were interested in opened and closed before we could respond–we’ve been so busy getting up to speed with everything. - Coach

I know, I help with figuring out what competitions we want to go to, one of which is DE, last year it opened and the next day it was full so you really need to watch every day or you risk missing the sign up. Maryland’s dead line was the 30th of October and we just sign up for two competitions as quick as we can. The only reason we don’t go to three is because if we get to Worlds then our robot is worn out. All though the drive team get more practice so it all depends on what you want. If you need any advice or just want to talk feel free to message me here or email us at FTC4240@hotmail.com. Have a great year and good luck teams!!!

Since we are doing a “pole” again - I just can’t resist posting a link to this thread here

That’s great! Thanks for sharing the link!!!

Global Force 3864, M’Aiken Tech Magic 1102, and Atomix 3923 will be attending the South Carolina, and Tennessee State Championships again.

I don’t think there will be a Tennessee Championship this year. Sorry about that. Check out Kentucky instead.

I had just assumed…
I thought we planned to go again considering Aiken Couty Robotics grew to 5 teams this year.
I’ll have to ask.
We were invited by junior bomb squad to attend their championship.
I will have to find out more.

Go Global Force ! :slight_smile:

^I particularlly thought you would like the name change.