[FTC]: How much does your robot weigh?

I’m working on some competition planning and I need some information from you. How much does your robot weigh? Can you also included the kind of robot it is (conveyor, arm place, shooter, scooper, etc). Please weigh it with the battery in. Weight to the nearest pound is fine, but I’d like to have a real weight, not a “well I picked up the cat and then the robot and they weigh the same, about 15 lbs”

Thanks very much for your help!

Is this information for FTC, VRC, FRC, or what? For FTC, there is no weight limit for the robots so I doubt that teams are weighing their bots.

Good luck with your planning.

It’s for the FTC robots. I know that there is no limit, I’m interested in what the actual weights are. And I know that unlike FRC where we know the weight to the nearest ounce they don’t really care. But what I’m hoping is that some have or will weigh the robots.


Our robot is a dump-truck, and it weighs about 20 pounds.

PS managing to get it on a scale was quite a feat.