[FTC]: How to initiate program?

My team is using a NXT brick to hold and run our programs from. We have two seperate programs, one for autonomous and the other for tele-op. How should we start the autonomous part and then switch to the other program after autonomous? Right now in our tests we have just been pressing the center button on the brick to start the program, but obviously we can’t do that in competition. I haven’t looked everywhere, but just about all the obvious places. :frowning:

During competition the switching between the two program is done by the field management software. All your team needs to do is to start the auto-op program you have and place your robot on the field. After auto-op is finish, field management software will start your tele-op for you. Just make sure you name your tele-op program “Tele-Op”.

In RobotC, you can do the same thing by going to Robot->NXT Brick->Joystick Control. This is where you can pick which program to run. I know LV have a similar thing, but I don’t know the details.

Here is a link where you can get help on this kind of things: http://www.education.rec.ri.cmu.edu/content/events/ftc/index.htm

For LabView/NXT-G, load and run FTC Controller Station. This will put a program called “program chooser” on your NXT. Run program chooser, select duel, right arrow down to your teleop program and pick it by hitting the orange button. Now the FTC controller station (or the FMS) will pick the correct teleop program.